• Bullying Prevention

    Each Elementary School in the CDSD will implement the following Bullying Prevention Strategies:

    1. Clearly define, teach and reinforce expected school behavior.
    2. Post expectations and school rules throughout buildings and classrooms.
    3. Have a Bullying Behavior Level Chart available for staff and students to use as a reference.
    4. Inform students of the process and procedures for reporting a bullying situation.
    5. Teach students through morning meetings, assemblies, guidance lessons, etc., appropriate response strategies to use in bullying situations.
    6. Hang posters throughout the school building that define bullying, provide prevention strategies and suggest positive reaction strategies.
    Definition of Bullying...
    Purposeful, hurtful behavior that occurs repeatedly and to a person who has difficulty defending themselves in an effort to gain power over that person.

    Procedures for Reporting:

    1. A bullying situation is reported by student, staff, parent, etc.
    2. Principal or counselor will document the reported situation.
    3. Follow up will occur based on the situation and severity of report. District Discipline Policy will be followed if needed.


    Helpful Links...

    Central Dauphin's Policy on Bullying - Link to School Board Policy

    Center for Safe School Bullying Resources - Center for Safe Schools Website

    Stop Bullying Now - Stop Bullying Now Website

Last Modified on August 30, 2023