• Thank you for viewing my physical education website. The physical education department strives to build knowledgeable and healthy students who will stay active for a lifetime. I use a variety of activities to keep students interested and motivated in exercise to ensure they are getting the maximum benefits of physical education. My mission is to provide appropriate instruction which maximizes the student's individual potential for developing and maintaining a healthy body, mind, and character. This is achieved through an instructional program that reflects the needs of my students. All of my units of study are aligned with the Elementary Physical Education Curriculum and the Pennsylvania Physical Education Standards.

    1. Sneakers or tennis shoes are required for physical education class. Any sneakers that easily fall off or have no laces are not permitted. Safety of our students is our primary concern.
    2. If a child is unable to participate in physical education class, a note from a parent or guardian is required. If a child is unable to participate in physical education class for more than one class then a doctor's excuse is required.

    1. Be ready for physical education class (positive attitude, sneakers, and no jewelry).
    2. Always play fair and safe.
    3. Solve problems in a good way.
    4. Watch for, listen to and follow the teacher's signals and directions.
    5. Be a good sport.
    6. Organize equipment neater than you found it.
Last Modified on July 20, 2023