All About Paxtang Elementary School...
    Paxtang Elementary School, Central Dauphin School District, is located in Central Pennsylvania a few minutes from downtown Harrisburg, which is the capital of our state. 

    Our school's enrollment is currently 251 children in grades K-5.  Our school's colors are BLUE and GOLD and our mascot is the PUMA.

    Our Theme:  Unlocking our Potential...to the fullest!

    Mission Statement
    Central Dauphin, a uniquely diverse school district, ensures all students a challenging and dynamic curriculum that prepares them to succeed in a changing, global society by inspiring lifelong learning in a caring, collaborative community.
    Belief Statements
    The Central Dauphin School District believes . . .

    • Students are our most precious resource.
    • All students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion, deserve a quality education.
    • All children can learn.
    • Learning should be an enjoyable experience.
    • All students must be given the opportunity to reach their potential.
    • All students must be active participants in their education.
    • All students must be respected and valued.
    • Healthy school communities respect differences, welcome diversity, and promote cultural plurality.
    • Good citizenship requires responsibility, self-discipline, and appropriate decision making.
    • Open and continual communication is essential and must be encouraged.
    • Personal and professional growth of all staff within our school district is important.
    • Outstanding staff demonstrates enthusiasm, innovation, caring, and commitment.
    • A successful school experience requires the involvement of students, parents, caregivers, educators and the community.
    • A safe, orderly and clean environment is essential for teaching and learning.
    • The district has the responsibility to strive for excellence in academics, activities and athletics.
    • The district is responsible for providing excellence in education within the fiscal resources of the community.
    • Excellence in education requires a commitment to continuous improvement.

    Organizational Goals

    1. Recruit and maintain a quality staff.
    2. Strive to provide cultural and ethnic diversity among staff to reflect the student population.
    3. Develop a systematic professional development plan that allows all staff to become outstanding educators.
    4. Develop programs for underachievers, at-risk, gifted and difficult students.
    5. Continue to develop and maintain a curriculum that exceeds state standards and an evaluation system that promotes excellence within the curriculum review plan.
    6. Provide technology upgrades with state-of-the art equipment and provide staff development for its use in the classroom and ready access for the students.
    7. Analyze business practices to become more fiscally responsible.
Last Modified on August 24, 2023