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    What is the job of a learning support teacher?
    The job of a learning support teacher is to collaborate with and communicate between families and staff, develop individualized programs (based on individual strengths and needs) for students who meet the requirements for special education services, and to effectively deliver the IEP.
    What is an IEP?
    At the heart of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act was the development of an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  Development of the IEP is a collaborative process among parents, teachers, and staff working with your child.  The IEP includes your child's present levels of performance, annual goals and objectives, specially designed instruction, and other areas applicable to your child's progress.
    As a parent, how can I become an equal partner in the IEP process?
     You can become involved in the IEP process by:
    1.  Attend all IEP meetings scheduled at mutually convenient times for you and the rest of the IEP team.
    2.  Inform your learning support teacher of any issues or concerns you would like discussed at the IEP meeting.
    3.  Review the IEP sent home and reinforce the deficit skills that your child has. Help your child at home with computation drills,  word rings, and reading daily to your child. Go over and reinforce progress monitoring papers including computation, Math Concepts and Applications, comprehension mazes, and writing probes.
    4.  Stay informed.