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    Classrrom Rules

    1. Be on time and prepared for class every day.  You must be in the room before the bell rings!

    2. Follow directions.
    3. Raise your hand to speak.
    4. NO food or drink, water is permitted!! 
    5. Electronic devices are used at the discretion of the teacher!
    6. Be respectful of everyone and everything in this classroom.  Anything that interferes with learning and teaching will not be tolerated.
    Classroom Expectations
    •Homework needs to be completed when it is assigned, no excuses!
    If you are absent it is your responsibility to see me for make-up work.  Make-up work needs to be completed in a timely manner. Please see Mrs. Bushong upon your return to obtain missed work. If you anticipate that you will be absent, please see me and I will give you work. Most classwork/homework is in our math packets. 
    All book work is considered class work, textbooks are not to leave my room unless prior arrangements have been made. 
    You are responsible for your materials.  Do not leave them in my room.
    All assignments are worth points towards your grade, missed work will affect your grade!
    Cheating of any sort will result in a 0.  This includes copying homework!
    It is recommended that you buy your own Texas Instrument calculator to use, TI-30XA (see picture below)
    Calculator Picture