Social Studies: us
      In Social Studies this year we will be working independently, with partners, and in small cooperative groups.  Our focus first will be government including local, state, and federal, and then our focus will be our state, Pennsylvania. We will also be learning map and globe skills. Please remember that the information found in your child"s blue folder will be the information necessary for quizzes, tests, and projects.  Encourage your child to take neat notes and to study them at home on a regular basis. 
    mapAtlas Section
    The United States of America
    Printables for State Emblems/symbols

    Another page for you to find printable pictures for you state"s symbols!

    Quarter pictures, nickname, info

    Find pictures, information, and a picture of your state"s quarter!

    State information and symbol pictures

    Find pictures of your state"s symbols (flower, tree, bird, etc.)

    State Information

    Find even more information about your state!

    50 States - List of Information

    Find lots of information about your state here!

    bat Science/Health:ELECTRICITYMagnet
      Information will be found in your child"s blue Science folder.  The folder will be used for notes, projects, quizzes and tests.  Encourage your child to take neat notes and to study them at home on a regular basis!  Check this out for some fun, fun, fun:  www.fossweb.com
     Our units for this year will be magnets and electricity, plants and animals, sound, and light.