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    Email:  jbeers@cdschools.org
    Phone Number:  Paxtang Elementary School 561-1781   Room 101
    See how many of these you can do this summer!
    1.  Complete your summer packet that I gave you the last week of school!
    2.  Practice your math facts: addition, subtraction, and multiplication!
    3.  Check out the fun, educational websites that I have listed on this site.
    4.  Read, read, read!!!   Read to a little brother, sister, cousin, neighbor, or even a pet.  Remember, it only takes 20 books to complete the local Swatara Library Challenge at Good Shephard Church basement.
    5.  Try something new - either a new food or a new activity (or both!)
    6.  Write a letter to a friend/keep a journal on your vacation/write a story to share with me on the first day back to school.  Remember how to write a good sentence.
     7.  Be safe!  Wear your sunscreen/seatbelt/helmet/knee pads and remind others to wear theirs.
    8.  Help a friend or neighbor.  Bring in their newspaper, wash their car with permission, say hello and smile.
    9. Turn off the video games and the TV and get outside to play/run/swim/bike/skip/jump rope/hike/walk/dance/swing/explore...HAVE FUN!
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