• Students are currently preparing for our spring concert which will be held at CD Middle on May 13th.
    • All 4th grade band students will participate in the Rookie Band.  The students will be working on large piece called which has yet to be handed out.  They will also perform several shorter pieces including Hot Cross Buns (#17 in the lesson book), Mary Had a Little Lamb (from the blue paper), and London Bridge (#39 in the lesson book).  All 4th graders have band on Day 3 at 1:45  in addition to their weekly lesson.  Let's work to have everyone be prepared for band rehearsal!! 
    • All 5th grade band students will participate in the Mustang Band.  The students are preparing "Latin Magic"  and "Cowboy Cattle Drive." Second year players are also working on Star Wars (see the link to the audio file on the right). Please learn your parts at home and be prepared for every band rehearsal on Day 3 at 12:45.
      Thank you!!
Last Modified on February 6, 2020