Heggerty-Phonemic Awareness

    We will spend 10-15 minutes daily practicing phonemic awareness skills: Rhyming, Onset Fluency, Blending, Identifying Final or Medial Sounds, Segmenting, Adding Phonemes, Deleting Phonemes, and Substituting Phonemes. We will work with letter names and sounds and we will also work with repeating sentences and nursery rhymes.  All of these activities will help strengthen literacy development.
    Project Read
    Project Read, is the phonics program we use.  It  teaches basic phonics, allowing your child to learn word patterns, new words, and spelling. Two main objectives of the program are to use language in all its forms, and to use responsive instruction rather than preplanned textbook lessons. The program emphasizes direct instruction, and lessons move from letter-sounds to words, sentences, and stories. 
    Interactive Read Alouds

    We will be doing many interactive read alouds in our class. An interactive read aloud is comprised of a series of purposeful activities that also incorporates reciprocal teaching.

    • Previewing the book
    • Scaffolding on prior knowledge
    • Modeling vocabulary development
    • Teaching reading fluency
    • Emphasizing elements of the story
    • Asking purposeful questions
    • Using think-alouds to assist comprehension
    • Summarizing the story to bring closure

    We will read texts from a wide variety of genres that tap into students' interests and are rich in vocabulary.

    Guided Reading

    Guided reading is an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with a small group of students who demonstrate similar reading behaviors and can all read similar levels of texts. Students in our class will read text and work on skills with support from me (the teacher). We will work on phonic skills, comprehension skills, and reading fluency.  While students will work in a small group with the teacher, other students will be doing reading centers that include a reading center, a writing center, a word work center, and a techonology center. 

Last Modified on August 25, 2019