• Classroom Management

    Our classroom will focus on positive behavior reinforcement.  Students will earn Candy Cash and Golden Tickets for making good choices.  They may be exchanged for different rewards. 
    If a student does not make a good choice, there will be a logical consequence along with writing about their behavior.

    Take Home Folders
    Students bring home a blue folder daily. Please check for any important information.

    Students write all assignments in their planners daily. I will sign planners to verify correctness. Planners must also be signed by a parent. Students are expected to complete all homework. If homework is not complete, students will finish it during recess.

    Learning Journals
    Students write what they have learned after each day in their learning journals. Learning journals will come home on Fridays. Please take the time to review this information with your child and sign it over the weekend.
    Friday Folders
    Every Friday, students will bring home their Friday Folders.  These folders contain all of the graded assignments from the past week and other important papers.  Please look at the papers, keep them, and sign and return the empty folder to school on Monday.


Last Modified on August 23, 2019