• Welcome to Third Grade!


    SUPPLIES:  Please provide a backpack for your child to bring to school each day.  No other school supplies are necessary from home.  Toys should not come to school in your child’s backpack.


    BIRTHDAYS:  A small birthday snack may be sent to school. Please do not send cake and/or ice cream.  The birthday snack will be shared with the class at lunch.  Please do not send party invitations to school unless each child in the class is invited.


    ILLNESS:  Please send a note with your child when they return to school after an illness.  A doctor’s excuse is necessary if your child is not to have outdoor recess or gym class.


    SCHEDULE:  We will follow a five day cycle rotation for our special classes.  A magnet with the assigned special days was sent home with your child. 

    Day 1- Music

    Day 2- Library

    Day 3- Computer

    Day 4- Gym

    Day 5- Art




    HOME PRACTICE:  Please set aside at least 15 to 20 minutes with your child each evening for reading.  It is essential to give your child opportunities to read new books as well as reread books that they have already read. Weekly assignments will be posted on the Classroom Newsletter. 



    TAKE HOME FOLDER:  Your child will be given a take home folder at the beginning of the year.  This folder is to go home each night and return the following day.  Inside your child’s take home folder you will find homework assignments, notes, take home papers, and more.  You will also find items that should be returned. There is also an assignment book in your child’s take home folder. The color that your child was on will be colored in on the date block. If they landed on yellow, orange, or red please sign to ensure you reviewed their behavior with them.


    HOMEWORK:  Homework will not be given each night.  Homework is meant for additional practice and should not take your child long to complete.  Therefore, homework assignments will consist of activities that provide additional practice to strengthen their skills.  Homework assignments are collected throughout the week. Any questions with homework, please feel free to contact me at any time.



    SPELLING:  Spelling will be focused on a pattern or patterns, depending on the spelling group your child is placed in.  Your child will have the opportunity to perform activities with these patterns at school and should continue to practice them at home. The spelling test will be made up of words that reference the spelling pattern.


    BEHAVIOR:  Please review good listening, manners and self-control.  Your support and reinforcement is necessary to insure an appropriate learning environment.  Our classroom reward system is a color chart.  Please refer to the chart sent home at the beginning of the year (and located inside your child’s take home folder for your reference).  If your child ended the school day on the color RED, you will be receiving a phone call, letter, and/or email to discuss the accounts of the day. We also have a school wide behavior system.  Our system is based on the following four rules: always respectful, come prepared, take responsibility, and safe behavior. Students will earn tickets for demonstrating these behaviors on a daily basis. Students are then able to use their tickets to go shopping at our school store.


    REPORT CARDS: Report cards are online for your viewing through Home Access Center (HAC). Your child will receive a report card at the end of each marking period. They will also have progress reports. These will be available halfway through each marking period. Notices will go home at these times.


     I look forward to working with you and your child during this exciting new school year! I believe that open communication between parents and teachers is essential to a child’s success.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns during the school year.



      Email:  jwolpert@cdschools.org



                                                                                Ms. Wolpert

Last Modified on August 28, 2018