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    Mrs. Lowry - December 2020
    Fourth Grade
                 I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving.  Now we start on a new journey of learning.  The children will be learning virtually until after the Christmas break.  I am planning to make this as enjoyable as I possibly can while educating the children.
            It is very important that the children log into all Zoom meetings and follow the classroom schedule that I have posted on Google Classroom.  I am trying to make the schedule and assignments as kid friendly as I can so that it is easy for the students to understand.  I need the children to follow the schedule of assignments each day so that they do not fall behind.  I will be available to help them whenever they need help with things that they donot understand.  They merely need to send me a quick message on google classroom and I will arrange a time that I can zoom with them privately.  
            I am hoping that you all stay healthy.  If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me at plowry@cdschools.org. 
                                                                             Mrs. Lowry
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