Welcome to Mrs. Hocking's Web Page!
    My name is Angela Hocking and I am the Reading Specialist at
    West Hanover Elementary!  
    Welcome back to a new and exciting school year!
    Here are a few things to practice to keep your reading skills sharp:
    Kindergarten and First Grade:
    Take turns coming up with words that rhyme.  Keep track of how many words you get for each word family!
    Give your child 3 words, two that rhyme and one that doesn't.  See if they can pick out the one that doesn't rhyme.
    Example word families: am, an, all, ed, ip, it, op, ot, ug
    Phonemic Awareness:
    Ask your child to identify the first sound in a word using simple items around your house and outside.
    When they have mastered that, have them give you the last sound they hear.
    If that skill is secure, have your child "chop" the sounds in 2 and 3 sound words.
    ex: cat, bow, saw, map, dog
    If you are in one of my reading skills groups, please refer to the pages previously sent home to practice the skills we have been working on this year!
    Grades 2-5:
    Practice fluency by reading aloud to a parent, sibling, or even your pet!  
    Remember to read as though you are icing a cake- smooth and even, it isn't a race!  
    Even when you are independently reading, whisper read instead of only reading in your head.  
    When you come to words you don't know- what should you do?
    1. Look for parts of the words you recognize
    2. Notice if there are prefixes or suffixes in the word
    3. Piece all of those parts together and reread the sentence to see if it makes sense
    There are TONS of e-books you can download to your tablet.
    Did you know that you can use your library card to borrow free e-books?
    Read like a champion each and every day!!
    Mrs. Hocking's Daily Schedule:
    9:15-9:45          Fourth Grade Reading Skills  
    10:00-10:30      First Grade Reading Skills  
    10:30-11:00      5th Grade Grade Reading Skills  
    11:00-11:30      AM Kindergarten  
    11:30-12:00      Second Grade Reading Skills   
    12:20-12:50      Third Grade Reading Skills          
    2:30-3:00          PM Kindergarten           
    3:40-4:05          Car Rider Duty  
    Please visit my Google Classroom for each group's weekly agenda and important announcements!
    Here are some facts about me:
    This is my 24th year with Central Dauphin School District
    and my eighth at West Hanover.
    I have been a reading specialist for 18 years. 
    I graduated from Susquehanna Township High School.
    I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education
    from Bloomsburg University.
    My Master's Degree, Reading Certification, and ESL Certification 
    are from Penn State Harrisburg.
    Feel free to contact me at ahocking@cdschools.org
    or at 717-657-3210 x89205.


Last Modified on August 24, 2023