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    Please have your child complete homework in pencil, not pen or marker.
    No School on Wednesday October 9th 
    Fall Fest: Friday October 11th 
    No School on Monday, October 14th
    Halloween Parade and Parties - 2:00 PM on October 25th
    Please send your child's costume to school in a bag on which your child's name is clearly marked.  We will start getting dressed around 1:40.
    Library books are due on day 2. 
    Wear sneakers for physical education on every day 1.
    Friday folders: Please take the time to review these important papers.  Some of them will require your signature and will need to be returned to school.
    Read with your child every day!  Share a book before bedtime.  Don't forget to write the title on the monthly Home Reading Log.
    Please make sure that your child eats some breakfast before coming to the classroom.  It is difficult to concentrate on learning when your tummy is growling.
    Our Student Recognition Assembly will be held at the end of each marking period.