• Welcome back to a new school year!!!                         
    Lessons for returning students will start very soon!!  The first week of school I hope to say hi and check in with all my hybrid students informally at lunch or during homeroom time.  During the second week of school, every hybrid student will have an in-person lesson so I can make sure instruments are still in good working order and the correct size for strings.  Lessons after that point will be held online during virtual days for all students.  CORE students - lessons will all be online starting the second week of school.  I will have office hours on Friday for CORE and hybrid students to check in with any questions or for help.
    summer sun
    For students in 4th and 5th grade interested in starting an instrument, we are starting beginners a little later than usual this year.  Look for more information toward the end of September about signing up for a new instrument.   Feel free to email at amckelvey@cdschools.org with any questions or concerns.  Thank you!
    Let's Make Great Music at Paxtang!!!