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    Join us at https://cdschools.instructure.com/enroll/WL3ADM 

    What is it?  The Model U.N. is a group of students who enjoy discussing and studying world news and events.  Historically, we have also participated in an annual gathering of area high school students that is hosted by the International Affairs Association of Penn State.  The conference is designed to promote greater understanding of the United Nations and foster discussion of major international issues and concerns.


    What do we do?  We meet periodically to discuss current events related to international problems.  For the Penn State Conference, participants form delegations (usually three representatives each) to represent different countries.  They familiarize themselves with the political and social conditions of their assigned countries so that they can properly portray their respective countries at the conference in February.  Each delegate will be assigned to one of three different committees, so each will specialize in issues of concern to that committee.  Participants will also be exposed to the rules and some of the history of the UN. 


    What does it cost?  There is no cost to join the club, though participants will be charged a fee to cover the cost of attending any conference they attend.  




    Please address any other questions to Mr. McCormack (pmccormack@cdschools.org)