The Art Room  2020-2021
    Mrs. Roberto




    Welcome to the Lawnton Art Museum!

    Office Hours:  Fridays 9:45-10:15, 12:30-1:00




    Meeting ID: 963 4598 8467

    Passcode: 110146




    Meeting ID: 927 8961 5279

    Passcode: 954513

    Grade   Artist Time Period Culture
    1st Van Gogh Prehistoric Africa
    2nd Da Vinci Egyptian Europe
    3rd Monet Greek/Roman Australia
    4th Warhol/PA artists Middle Ages/Renaissance North America
    5th O'Keeffe Modern Asia
           Other artists will be covered as well as art elements and principles.  A variety of materials will be experienced while learning many age appropriate skills.  We look forward to meeting famous artists, visiting countries and cultures around the world and traveling through time! 
    Please wear old clothes on art day.  You may also choose to wear your own art shirt or apron to class.  We try to keep our art room clean, but there is always a chance of finding stray paint, dirty water, marker etc.