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    ROOM 101
    Welcome to our class webpage. This is where you will find information that will help you help your child.
    Day 1- Library
    Day 2-  Gym
    Day 3-  Tech Time
    Day 4- Art
    Day 5-  Music
    Parents, Please make sure that you make time for your child each day to share their daily happenings.  Help them to make sure that their homework is complete and packed in their book bag for the morning.  As well as have the assignment book signed for complete homework.  Working together as a team is the only way we can make a difference!  Go Team!!!
    ****Nightly Reading****
      Read for R.A.H. (then return your signed calendar)


    letter          FRIDAY FOLDERS
         Parents, folders with school/class information as well as weekly
             work will be sent home for your perusal on the last day of that week. 
            Please review the work and set a goal for the following week. 
    Remember that the folder must be signed and returned to school the following school day.
    If you have questions throughout the year please call Paxtang at 561-1781, or email me at jbeers@cdschools.org
    Voice mail may be left at 561-1781, ext 101.