• book  Welcome to the 4th grade HOMEWORK page! mustang
    rm 18- Mr. Stettler       jstettler@cdschools.org 
    rm 19- Mrs. Ortiz       aogden@cdschools.org
    rm 20- Miss Gensel     agensel@cdschools.org
    rm 21- Mrs. Wevodau  hwevodau@cdschools.org
    rm 32- Ms. Betza        lbetza@cdschools.org
    rm 33- Mr. Porr- C.O.R.E.  jporr@cdschools.org
    and Mrs. Sheaffer    dsheaffer@cdschools.org (learning support)
          Mrs. Coble    kcoble@cdschools.org (learning support)
    Please refer to our homework page daily and check your child's planner.  We, the adults, will eventually rotate to other groups of students for content and WIN= "What I Need " Groups.  Refer to that teacher's homework below.
    Group A- Monday and Tuesday
    Group B- Wednesday and Thursday
    Friday- virtual, 9:00AM Morning Meeting, 9:30AM ELA, 2:00PM Math on Zoom
    Mr. Stettler 
    refer to Google Classroom 
    Mrs. Ortiz
    Please bring a water bottle and snack.
    refer to Google Classroom and Weekly agenda
    Language Arts:
    Reminders: none
    Miss Gensel  
    Math: log on to xtramath.org minimum 3x a week
    LA- have a independent book to read for
          D.E.A.R.= "Drop everything and read" time
            MRAH reading log, epic code= ucz5784
    Writing- start brainstorming summer memories you can share
    Spelling- study daily & check contract assignments
                      suggest using www.spellingtraining.com
    English- refer to Google Classroom and pink papers
    Science- Wevodau: plants
    Social Studies- Gensel: geography
    Other-Instagram accts: goose_room20 & paxtoniael
             https://www.mynextmove.org/ from Kinsinger career lesson
                Guidance Google Classroom Code: hxemfhv
                check PTA website, code.org, Relections PTA contest due 10/16
    ALWAYS bring a water bottle, as there is no AC, stay hydrated
    snack is optional, should be proper portion, healthy, and take 5 minutes or less 
    Mrs. Wevodau
    Spelling -
    Writing - 
    Social Studies - 
    Language Arts -  have a DEAR book daily, read for 20 minutes daily
    Reminders: refer to Google Classroom and weekly agenda
    Mr. Porr


    refer to C.O.R.E. directives 


    Ms. Betza

    refer to Google Classroom and weekly agenda


Last Modified on October 12, 2020