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    rm 18- Mr. Stettler       jstettler@cdschools.org 
    rm 19- Ms. Ogden       aogden@cdschools.org
    rm 20- Miss Gensel     agensel@cdschools.org
    rm 21- Mrs. Wevodau  hwevodau@cdschools.org
    rm 33- Mr. Porr           jporr@cdschools.org
    and Mrs. Sheaffer    dsheaffer@cdschools.org (learning support)
    Please refer to our homework page daily and check your child's planner.  We rotate for WIN= What I Need groups, so ask your child who their teacher is, although it only changes a few times throughout the year.  Students rotate for content on approximately 15 days.  They may have another teacher for math andspelling.  Refer to that teacher's homework below.
    Mr. Stettler 
    math - none at this time - quiz on Friday
    Spelling - none at this time 
    science with Ms. Gensel's class - Moon Journal completed nightly; test on Dec, 10; solar system project due Dec. 10 - My homeroom is with Mrs. Wevodau. 
    read - mark your reading calendar and RRJs 
    Miss Ogden
    Please bring a water bottle and snack.
    Math: pg 591
    Language Arts: read 15-20 min daily, word root packet due Friday
    Social Studies:Room 21: Test on 12/9
    Reminders: none
    Miss Gensel   *library book(s)
    WEAR PAXTONIA spirit &/or colors (last Friday of every month)
    Math: Gensel- finish the TWO worksheets to prepare :)
        & STUDY VOCAB Chapter 10 & 11 MATH QUIZ FRIDAY!
        Clever assignment: "Geometry Genuis" & check Google classroom
          Are you logging into xtramath.org? (min 3 xs a week) 
    LA- Senor Don Gato due Friday
             study ELA notes, MRAH reading log, check Google Classroom
    Writing- visual journaling: describe your break & diagram your perfect plate
    Spelling- Gensel's:  none this week, suggest using www.spellingtraining.com
    English- cursive pg 58-61 DUE Friday
    Science- Astronomy with Stettler, solar system project DUE & TEST 12/10
                   moon journal daily/nightly hehe, refer to website
    Social Studies- Geography... Welcome room 33!
              explore https://www.google.com/earth/ 
    Cultural Heritage Interview due 12/10, distributed 11/21 STUDY for map test!
              Google Classroom join code: 4l4r1f
    Other- Instagram accts: goose_room20 & paxtoniael
               ALWAYS bring a water bottle, as there is no AC, stay hydrated
    *reminder we are a "nut free" classroom due to severe allergy
    snack is optional, should be proper portion, healthy, and take 5 minutes or less 
    Mrs. Wevodau
    Spelling - none
    Math -  Pattern practice; Quiz tomorrow - we will review by practicing the problems marked in their math journal on pages 593 and 633
    Writing - 
    Science Room 18 - Plant quiz on Wed 12/11, use gold study guide to review
    Social Studies - test is Monday 12/9
    Language Arts -  Word Root packet is due Friday; have a DEAR book daily, read for 20 minutes daily
    Reminders: library book

    Mr. Porr

    Math: MJ 571-572




    Language Arts: 


    Reminders: Reading calendars for November due 12/6

     December reading calendars sent home-keep filling them in.


    Upcoming Events: 

    Holiday Part 12/20 at 2:45

    Book orders due 12/12

    Christmas Break 12/23-1/2/20




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