• book  Welcome to the 4th grade HOMEWORK page! mustang
    rm 18- Mr. Stettler       jstettler@cdschools.org 
    rm 19- Ms. Ogden       aogden@cdschools.org
    rm 20- Miss Gensel     agensel@cdschools.org
    rm 21- Mrs. Wevodau  hwevodau@cdschools.org
    rm 33- Mr. Porr           jporr@cdschools.org
    and Mrs. Sheaffer    dsheaffer@cdschools.org (learning support)
    Please refer to our homework page daily and check your child's planner.  We rotate for WIN= What I Need groups, so ask your child who their teacher is, although it only changes a few times throughout the year.  Students rotate for content on approximately 15 days.  They may have another teacher for math andspelling.  Refer to that teacher's homework below.
    Mr. Stettler 
    no school on Thursday and Friday 
    math - my math class does not have any homework  
    Spelling - none at this time 
    science none at this time
    read - mark your reading calendar and RRJs 
    Miss Ogden
    Please bring a water bottle and snack.
    Math: Test tomorrow - pg 651
    Area and Perimeter: rm 33- none
    Language Arts: read 15-20 min daily
    Reminders: none
    Miss Gensel   *refer to email(s) & 4th grade packet
    WEAR PAXTONIA spirit &/or colors (last Friday of every month)
    Math: Gensel- study chap 12 VOCAB!
              Reteach/Enrich worksheets
              continue to try your Spiral Review pages
              CHECK Clever assignments Google classroom
    LA- Hero Choice Letter due between 3/16-3/20
             (parent/guardian approval required) Google Classroom: oqiipry
            study ELA notes, MRAH reading log
    Writing- see current events & IRC option
    Spelling- Gensel's: remember code & typing apps on Clever
                      suggest using www.spellingtraining.com
    English- refer to grammar wkshts in packet & Clever
    Science- Room 20: started with Mr. Stettler, see his page
    Social Studies- Gensel: Government: Welcome Room 21!
              Google Classroom join code: nbivxa5
    Other-Virtual Mystery Reader every day @10AM
             https://www.mynextmove.org/ from Kinsinger career lesson
                Guidance Google Classroom Code: hxemfhv
                check PTA website, 
                Instagram accts: goose_room20 & paxtoniael
                orchestra Day 1, band day 3, chorus day 4
               ALWAYS bring a water bottle, as there is no AC, stay hydrated
    *reminder we are a "nut free" classroom due to severe allergy
    snack is optional, should be proper portion, healthy, and take 5 minutes or less 
    Mrs. Wevodau
    Spelling - none this week
    Math- p. 657
    Writing - none
    Science Room 19 - We are learning about electricity
    Social Studies - see Miss Gensel's
    Language Arts -  have a DEAR book daily, read for 20 minutes daily
    Reminders: Conferences Wednesday night and Thursday morning, sneakers Monday
    Mr. Porr

    Math: Math homework is on Quizizz.com

    Go to: Joinmyquiz.com

    Code: 960831

    Lesson: 12.3



    Language Arts: 

    Hero notes pages due 3/17 (NOT the whole project!)

    Raindrop rough draft


    Fill in March reading calendars.

    No school 3/12-13

     Upcoming Events: 



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