• Guitar Class

    Current Unit


    Students are learning how to use the chords we have already learned to play in minor keys. Students will also learn F major, their first barre chord..




    This is a course for beginners or for students who have studied previously and wish to continue their study of guitar. You will learn simple folk-song type material using varied melodic style as well as modern chording styles. Activities are geared to learning staff notation, chord patterns, and rhythm. Practicing is done during class sessions on instruments provided by the school. You can expect to become a moderately good player.


    You will learn open chords, movable chords, accompaniment techniques, and a variety of playing techniques and styles including both the pick-style and finger-style approaches to the guitar. Music fundamentals, theory, songs, performances, listening, composing, improvising, analyzing, and reading standard notation and tablature will be included in this course.




    1. To learn how to play chords, accompaniment and melody on the guitar
    2. To learn how to read music notation, chord diagrams and tablature
    3. To develop an understanding of music fundamentals and theory
    4. To learn how to perform, write and create music
    5. To develop the ability to analyze, describe and listen to music
    6. To develop an understanding of music as it relates to history and culture



    Students will be evaluated through playing tests during and at the end of each unit. Students will have a chance to bring in songs of their own choice to work on with the class.






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