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    Special Schedule
    Day 1 Art
     Day 2 No special
    Day 3 Music
    Day 4 Physcial Education
    Day 5 Library
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    Language Arts- Our first unit is title What do you think about this?  We will learn about antonyms, text features, main ideas, idioms, characterization, settings and many more exciting reading strategies and skills. Unit 2 is called Do you see what I see?  We will learn about adages, proverbs, themes, summarizing, generalizations, points of view and much more.
    Math -  Half of the battle in math is paying attention!  Math is my favorite subject to teach.  I enjoy sharing tricks I have learned over the years to make math easier.  Family letters come home at the beginning of the unit.  It is a great study tool.  There will be a study guide for each unit.  The study guide is very much like the test.   The numbers and names are different.  Almost all operations are the same.   Unit 1 will find us studying place value and patterns.  We will explore powers of 10 and exponents.  Multiplication, and division properties will keep us busy this first unit.  We will then move to division.  Unit two will have  us adding, subtraction, multiplying, and dividing fractions. 
    we love math
    Science -    We will complete four units this school year:   Scientific Method, Motion and Energy, Geology, and Plants/Animals.  These topics will be explored through experimentation. 
    Social Studies -  We will begin with a unit on Geography and then history.
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    PSSA Testing dates - English Language Arts April  25th  to 29th , 2022 and Math,  May 2 to 13, 2022
    Email address mlightner@cdschools.org
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