• ~~~About South Side~~~
    South Side Elementary School consists of over 700 students and is the most diverse of the thirteen elementary schools in the Central Dauphin School District. We have approximately twenty countries represented in our student body.
    boySouth Side Elementary School is a community of learners and is committed to having every student be successful.  We look forward to building a solid relationship with each family to insure student success.
    There are many reasons why our school is special.
      Our staff, of over seventy professionals, is dedicated to providing meaningful and exciting learning opportunities for South Side students.
    art Student art can be seen everywhere.  As you walk past the office area, you will be amazed to see an entire wall of colorful tile mosaic art.  The mosaic art was made by students and describes our school.  Our World Comes Together at South Side...Our Diversity is Our Strength.
     We work closely with our parents and community members in volunteer efforts to extend learning experiences for every student.  We measure success with our learning experiences and are committed to having our students become readers, writers, mathematicians, and problem solvers.