• South Side News
    South Side Elementary School PTA was awarded a $1,000 Healthy Lifestyles grant from the National PTA to be used to promote healthy lifestyles during the month of November which is the official Healthy Lifestyle month.  Over 284 applications from across the nation were received and South Side Elementary PTA was selected because of their idea to hold a ‘South Side for Better Health’ contest.  Families will be asked to exercise and eat healthy TOGETHER for 2 weeks in November, eliminating an excess of fast food, salt and sugar.  They will be required to create a healthy food recipe that can be shared.  At the end of the 2 weeks, families will submit their recipe and an essay to the PTA describing what they did for exercise, what they ate, the benefits reaped and how they plan to incorporate exercise and healthy eating ongoing into their family routine.  Participating families will have their name entered into a drawing to win one of two FREE 3 month family memberships to the Friendship Community Center.  The drawing will take place at their November 17 Breakfast Buddies event.  Breakfast Buddies is held at South Side every year to allow families to come and eat a healthy breakfast with their kids.  Breakfast consists of fresh fruit, bagels, milk, juice, etc.  Community involvement was another criteria for the award and to engage the community, the three best essays will be voted on and the winning families will have $50 donated to the charity of their choice.  A South Side Healthy Lifestyles Results newsletter will be created using excerpts from the essays and recipes.  South Side is hoping to achieve success by having 50 families participate and vow to continue exercising and eating healthy together.
    Congratulations to South Side PTA, the 2009 National PTA Healthy Lifestyles Award winners.