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    Rebecca Warner                                                                                                    

    Room  211
    West Hanover Elementary
    hello         rwarner@cdschools.org
          DAY 1: Art
                                                                     DAY 2:   Music  
                                                                     DAY 3:  Computer  
                                                                     DAY 4:  Gym   
                                                                     DAY 5:  Library      
                                                        SPECIAL:  11:00-11:40
                                                         LUNCH: 12:20-12:50
                                                         RECESS: 12:55-1:25

    SUPPLIES:  Please provide a bookbag for your child to bring to school each day.  No other school supplies are necessary from home.  Toys should not come to school in your child's bookbag.

    BIRTHDAYS:  A small birthday treat may be sent to school.  Treats must follow the Central Dauphin School District Wellness Program of a nutritious treat.  The treat will be shared with the class at lunch.  Please do not send cake and ice cream. Please do not send party invitations to school unless each child in the class is invited.

    ILLNESS:  Please send a note with your child when they return to school after an illness. It will be forwarded to the office.  A doctor's excuse is necessary if your child is not to have outdoor recess.

    HOME PRACTICE:  Please set aside additional time for homework.  Homework will not necessarily be assigned daily.  ALL homework is DUE by the end of each week, typically a Friday for Mrs. Warner.  Homework will be expected to be returned the next day for Miss Poling.  

    TAKE HOME FOLDER:  Your child will be given a take home folder at the beginning of the year.  *If they prefer to purchase their own, that is fine.  The folders I will be supplying are plain, dark blue.  This folder is to go home each night and return the following day.  Inside your child's take home folder you will find homework assignments, notes home, take home papers and more.  You will also find items that should be returned.  Please initial or sign each evening.

    BEHAVIOR:  Students will be expected to follow the West Hanover Elementary PBIS rules.  These rules include; Respectful, Ownership, Accountable, and Responsibile.

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Last Modified on August 13, 2019