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    An Elementary School Counselor helps:

    • understand and accept themselves and others better
    • cope with family changes
    • develop decision-making and problem solving strategies
    • feel safe in their school environment
    • learn anger management, conflict resolution, and mediation skills
    • use positive character traits to assist them in daily living
    • explore careers in relation to their career interest

    Teachers aand Administrators:

    • understand and meet the needs of all students in intellectual, personal, social, and emotional areas
    • create a positive learning environment
    • understand their children's emotions, behaviors, and learning styles
    • assist them in meeting their children's needs

    An Elementary School Counselor provides:

    Counseling for children:

    • in classroom lessons
    • in individual sessions
    • in small group activities

    Consultation with

    • Parents
    • Teachers
    • School Staff
    • Agencies

    An Elementary School Counselor:

    Provides help for children dealing with a personal or family crisis, such as:

    • death in family
    • parental job loss
    • family member illness, etc
    • homelessness

    Facilitates services for children who are at high risk for such problems as:

    • poor peer relations
    • traumatic problems
    • poor problem solving
    • self esteem issues

    Helps children deal with social problems which confront them such as:

    • child abuse
    • family drug or alcohol abuse
    • family break up

    A professional who:

    • Has earned a Master’s Degree in School Counseling.

     An educator who:

    • Is a Pennsylvania certified educator trained in counseling administration, theories and practices, human behavior, career education, individual appraisal, social and cultural issues.

     A specialist who:

    • Has expertise in age-specific developmental stages of student growth, and the needs, tasks, and student interests related to those stages.
    • Specializes in human behavior and relationships
    • Addresses the needs of students through the implementation of a comprehensive, standards based, developmental school counseling program.
    FOR ANY QUESTIONS OF ANY KIND, feel free to contact your school counselor.  They are there to listen, to help you, and to work with you. Phone number: 657-3204 ext. 308 or email: kpalmer@cdschools.org 
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