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                                                               School Year
                                                                 2020 - 2021 
      Good morning! Here we are in another year that is unlike any other! We will get through this and move forward. I will be teaching CORE this year which is an online virtual program. There will be bumps along the way I am sure, but we will get through it as well. All I ask is that you try your very best and complete assignments when given.I look forward to a great year and hopes of everyone returning to the classroom at some point.Have a great year!
    Mr. Johnson
                                                                         School Motto for the Year
                                                                            Every Child; Every Day!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at bjohnson@cdschools.org or call 717-939-9591 ext. 217 


    Mr. Johnson


Last Modified on September 11, 2020