Welcome to Mr. Johnson's webpage!
                                                               School Year
                                                                 2019 - 2020 
      Good morning ! Today will be the last day on this site. I will be moving over to Google Classroom for the remainder of the year. If you still are not on there, try your best to log onto this platform. All of the work needed to be done will be there.
      The chicks are done hatching, and the 4 eggs that did not hatch, I will be getting rid of them. Watch at 3:00 today on Zoom, I sent an invite to your parent's email addresses to watch live then.
      Make sure to go to Google classroom for your assignments which are due by next Thursday, April 9th. Try your very best and good luck!
    Mr. Johnson
                                                                         School Motto for the Year
                                                                            Every Child; Every Day!
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at bjohnson@cdschools.org or call 717-939-9591 ext. 217 


    Mr. Johnson


Last Modified on April 3, 2020