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    Important Information To Start the Year:

    It is always fun to shop for new school supplies!  You child will not need anything for school other than a book bag that can fit a pocket folder.  I know the plan says all students will need their own pencil box.  You will not need to send one in for kindergarten.  Since we do not know how this year will go, I highly recommend putting together a School Tool Kit for your child at home.  You can keep the tools in a pencil box, cups, or whatever you’d like to use to keep them organized.  😊

    Some things to include…

    *kid scissors

    *glue bottle or glue sticks

    *#2 regular pencils


    *crayons/colored pencils/markers- any or all of these are great!  We don’t use markers a ton in school since they bleed through paper, but we do use them when rainbow writing letters/words.


    *watercolors- not necessary, but can be a fun way to write letters/words


    Other ideas. . . 

    -set up a workspace for you child.  If we are learning virtually at any point it is important that your child has a designated workspace.  This would be a place to keep at home tools and whatever technology your child will be using.  

    -have 2 boxes or containers for school.  We will be sending home books and games during the year that your child can read or play multiple times to practice that skill.  


    Info  Important Dates



    If you would like to contribute to classroom supplies we could use:

    *Play-doh (each student will need their own to limit the sharing of materials, so if you are able to send some in to share that would be appreciated)

    *drinking straws (for a fine motor activity)


    *soft tissues

    *baby wipes (must be Target or Playtex/Baby Magic brand to comply with safety rules)

    *unscented or neutral scented hand sanitizer (name brands preferred)


    Thank you :)

       E-mail is the easiest and fastest way to get in touch with me. Sometimes, your first e-mail will get filtered out by the SPAM system (happens most frequently with Comcast e-mail addresses), so if I do not respond to your e-mail within 24 hours during the school week, please call or send a print out of the e-mail in so I can add your name to our e-mail contact list. There have even been instances where a parent will be able to send me an e-mail and then as updates to our systems occur that e-mail will be filtered out.
Last Modified on August 3, 2020