Students in our Class 
    Lylah, Ciana, Rebecca, Owen, Henry, Evan, Gabriel, Kase, Hannah, Mason, Payton, Kennedy
    Samantha, Alissa, Kaeley, Madison, Maci, Emma, Aiden, Brady, Brayden, Ellyanna, Hunter, Peyton
     Please be aware that, in order to volunteer in our classroom, attend field trips, attend/help with classroom parties, or pretty much do anything with our class, you must have your clearances. Please consider doing this. The website to go to for more information is https://www.cdschools.org/Page/16724.
    Because our classroom temperatures vary, it is a good idea to keep a sweater or sweatshirt here for when it is needed.  sun
    Contacting me
    I can be reached by e-mail at: sclouser@cdschools.org. I check my email each day, and will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. I prefer emails to phone calls, as it is often quite difficult to return phone calls during the day. 
    apple and pear
    West Hanover will no longer be allowing students to bring in treats on their birthdays. Birthdays will still be acknowledged by Mr. C and me, but we will no longer be having any food sent in for birthdays.
     Our classroom code is DXPBF

    Attention Parents
    Students have folders for each subject. In these folders, they are to keep those items that they need for that particular class. Please do not remove papers from these folders. Many times we reference our worksheets and papers throughout the year.  Items in the Take Home folder are papers that can be removed.  Thank you!
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Last Modified on August 22, 2020