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      Welcome to 2nd Grade!
         School starts August 26th September 3rd for West Hanover students!  I can't wait to begin working with a new group of West Hanover students and families! But first, there are A LOT of boxes to be unpacked!!  This year will bring many challenges including learning how to navigate through the new building! 
         In second grade we will learn more about our community, become better readers and mathematicians, and we will discover how to respect and appreciate the qualities that make each of us unique individuals. 
         Throughout the school year please use this website as a resource when you need to find information on what is happening in the classroom or school.   The Quick Links on the right side of this page are linked to some commonly accessed pages on the district website.  In addition, in the right margin of this page, you will find a link to other information you may find helpful throughout second grade.   
    Contact Information:
    If you would like to speak with me you may do so in one of the following ways:

    1. Send a note in to school with your child;
    2. Contact the school office at 657-3210 and leave a message;
    3. By email at sheter@cdschools.org
    Email is preferred as I am not always able to get to the office to check
    for messages and we do not have phones in our classrooms to return calls.
     School is Cool!
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