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    Thank you for taking time to visit our website! We are happy to be such an integral part of your child’s school health services team. Our goal is to deliver quality acute, chronic,  and/or emergency health care to your child in an atmosphere of care, concern, and safety.  As members of the health care team, we work in collaboration with you, the parent/guardian, and your child’s health care provider to ensure that your child’s overall health plan is followed during their school day. We want you to feel comfortable about the care your child is being given. We will be happy to discuss any concerns with you. Please feel free to contact us.
               Tina M. Bechtel, RN, BSN, CSN, MS Ed            Margaret McConnell, BSN, RN, CSN
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    On August 21, 2017, the school board approved the school nurse administration of certain over-the-counter medications with prior parent written permission. If you would like to your son/daughter to receive Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or Tums, should the nurse deem it appropriate, please ensure you have submitted the proper written permission to the nurses' office.  This form, entitled over the counter medication form, can be found on the health form links of this website. It need only be completed once and will remain active in your son/daughter's file unless you contact the school nurse to retract or change your permission. Please contact either one of us if you have any questions.
    Starting in the 2017/2018 school year, all seniors are required to have a 2nd Meningitis vaccine. Any currently enrolled student who has not provided proof of this update will be placed on provisional status and will be given 5 days to provide proof of proper immunization. Any newly transfered student who does not meet the immunization requirements will also be provisionally enrolled, but will be given 30 days to obtain proof.   Those students who have had their first meningitis vaccine AFTER the age of 16 are exempt from this requirement. Additionally, all students must now have 4 polio vaccines with the fourth dose being administered on or after their fourth birthday, as well as an updated tdap vaccine given during or after their 7th grade year.
    We are noticing several health issues that are affecting our students performance in the classroom such as vaping, lack of sleep, lack of breakfast. Please see the page labeled "Educational Resources" for more information on these topics. 
Last Modified on June 6, 2019