• The Central Dauphin School District is pleased to partner with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU) to offer students an online cyber school called CAOLA.  CAOLA is a web-based educational format.  Students stay enrolled in the Central Dauphin School District and earn a diploma from their high school.  CAOLA (Capital Area Online Association) is the largest online learning consortium in Pennsylvania.
    The high quality curriculum and an innovative software platform allow for customized learning.  Each student has the opportunity to learn at their own pace to truly gain understanding.   Aditionally, each student will be supported online by a Pennsylvania certified teacher to provide the help needed to succeed. 
    The CAOLA cyber school offeres students a variety of courses.  All course work falls within the high school's course catalog and meets district and state graduation requirements. 
    The positives of joining the CDSD Online Academy ...
    1) You can participate in CDSD extra curriculur activities such as dances and sports.  (with your residancy home school)
    2) You can graduate with an actual Central Dauphin School District Diploma
    3) You can complete course work at your own pace yet within the confines of deadlines and expectations set forth by the district