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    Art Course Descriptions:
    Sixth Grade Art


                Sixth grade art stresses the understanding and comprehension of the elements and principles of art within the creation of our student artwork, as well as the recognition of these ideas within the artwork of others.  While student projects vary in the materials used and the techniques demonstrated, each finished product corresponds to those specific concepts or ideas.  Students will be given the opportunity to work with and explore an abundance of different mediums and techniques (i.e. watercolor painting, collage, and drawing).  In addition, various cultural influences within specific artists and art movements will be examined.




    Seventh Grade Art


                In the seventh grade art curriculum, students will become critical analysts in developing their own feelings and emotions about their works of art, as well as art throughout history.  Students will continue to focus on both the elements and principles of design by developing artistic vocabulary and understanding of the key ideas and terms with which they are associated.  Comprehension and understanding of each element and principle of art is demonstrated through different projects and techniques.




    Eighth Grade Art


                As emphasized in seventh grade art, students will focus on the importance of the following goals within the fine arts: art production, art history, art criticism, and art aesthetics.  Through the promotion of higher level thinking, students continue to create works of art which identify the elements and principles of art by exploring both two- and three-dimensional art qualities.  And, students will learn how to critically analyze their own work, as well as the work of others.     
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