The secondary librarians hold virtual office hours for students each school day as follows:

    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM - Ms. Angela Henning, EMS and SMS

    11:00 AM -   1:00 PM - Ms. Susan Fulmer, CDHS and CDEHS

    1:00 PM -   3:00 PM - Ms. Ginger Fetterhoff, CDMS and LMS 


    • To access ANY librarian using Microsoft Teams, use the link below; you will need to install the program if you have not used this before. This app is set-up like a group chat with a built-in calling feature.


    Office Hours   me on books

    Services offered:

    • Helping students locate eBooks to read for pleasure and/or research
    • Creating Book Clubs at the request of staff and/or students
    • Unlocking student accounts
    • Assistance with Google Classroom
    • Assistance getting a dcls.org library card
    • Creating a report following MLA Guidelines
    • Creating a Works Cited List
    • Creating internet source citation for Works Cited
    • Creating book citations for Works Cited
    • Creating database article citations for Works Cited
    • Searching through a Gale Database
    • Ask if you need something not listed above


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  • witf

    Click here to access WITF School District Curriculum

    The WITF Educational Services department has created a Central Dauphin School District Curriculum Guide for ELA, mathematics and science. These guides are organized by the “Big Ideas” of each content area and list weekly TV and radio programming matched to the “Big Ideas” for each grade level.  This will provide families with a schedule that they can rely on, and they will know what time and channel their children should watch to supplement the instruction you are providing within Google Classroom.

    Click here to access WITF School District Curriculum


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  • DCLS


    Click here to learn about All Ready Access!

    READ! READ! READ! If you do not have books to read, now is your chance!

    The Dauphin County Library System (DCLS) and the Central Dauphin School District (CDSD) have formed a new partnership while schools and The Library are closed due to COVID-19. With this partnership, CD students can use their school ID number to access The Library’s eResources. While students are attempting to finish out the year at home, these resources can support their education and are accessible 24/7. 

    Click here to learn about All Ready Access!


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  • Free Access to JLG Digital

    Click here to read books instantly

    FREE access to JLG Digital online reading platform!

    With JLG Gold Standard eBooks for Elementary, Middle School and High school students, JLG Digital gives readers unlimited access* to read books online from any device. There is no limit to the number of users and titles enter and exit the digital stream regularly, so there are always new picks available. See the books exiting soon.

    Using a computer? Usernames & passwords are not needed! Simply click your book-stream choice and you'll be automatically logged in, and reading instantly!

    Click here to read books instantly


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  • Quaran-TEEN

    Click here to learn about Quaran-TEEN

    iden Tyler, Quaran-teen - A Weekly Webcast “Serial” with Author Rex Ogle
    Every Tuesday at 2 p.m. ET, starting March 24, 2020

    Aiden Tyler is your typical middle school student. Rides the bus. Likes comic books. Tolerates his sister. But, his life is about to be turned upside down by the Coronavirus. Yes, you heard that correctly. Aiden Tyler, Quaran-teen is a new and original middle-grade serial written and read in real time by author Rex Ogle (Free Lunch). That means as YOU experience things, Aiden will be experiencing them too. Join us every Tuesday, as Rex shares Aiden's story that's full of laughs, facts, hearts, and farts. Scroll down for links to upcoming and previous episodes! Target audience is grades 4-8 but all are welcome!

    Chapter titles so far:

    1. Wash Your Hands
    2. No Toilet Paper Anywhere
    3. School Is Canceled
    4. Homeschool Schedule
    5. Family Hikes
    6. Fortune Cookies
    7. Rainbows in Paris
    8. Face Masks
    9. Easter and Exercise
    10. Haircuts at Home
    11. BINGO!
    12. SICK
    13. Staying Strong and Falling Apart
    14. Second Chances
    15. The New Holiday Trilogy

    Click here to learn about Quaran-TEEN


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  • Harry Potter at Home

    Click here to experience Harry Potter at Home

    First thing that happens is you will be sorted into a house. I am a Ravenclaw.

    If you become a member you will be able to listen and watch as Daniel Radcliffe reads Chapter 1. A different person is reading a chapter each week! 

    Click here to experience Harry Potter at Home


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  • Power Library

    Click here to open POWER LIBRARY!

    E-Resources (comprising the earlier version of POWER LIBRARY) provides access to thousands of full text periodical articles, newspapers, a major encyclopedia, plus photographs, pictures, charts, maps, and reference materials for people of all ages.

    Click here to open POWER LIBRARY!


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  • PBS

    Click here for PBS Learning Media

    A PBS resource available for ALL teachers to use is PBS Learning Media at https://witf.pbslearningmedia.org/. On the PBS Learning Media website you can search for videos, lessons and interactive lessons that are aligned to PA standards. Users are able to search content from Math, ELA, Science, Social Studies, Health and Physical Education, the Arts, World Languages, Engineering and Technology, and professional development. You can search by subject, grade or standard, and easily link videos and lessons to your Google or CANVAS classroom. You can also create quizzes, lessons and even puzzles. Videos showing how to search and assign lessons can be found in the S-drive→ Edmentum→ PBS Resources.

    Click here for PBS Learning Media


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  • The Washington Post

    Click HERE to read The Washington Post

    There are so many sections to look at, so there is something to read for EVERYONE. The Comic section is huge, AND can be found with Puzzles and Games.

    The Washington Post is helping to facilitate remote learning among students and educators during this unprecedented time. Unrestricted access to WashingtonPost.com is a resource that’s easily­­—and quickly—accessible to students and classes, regardless of location or distance.


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Last Modified on May 12, 2020