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    Athletics are valuable only insofar as they contribute to the growth of the individual.  This growth need not be entirely physical.  It is frequently mental and moral as well.

    Next to participation itself, the greatest contribution you can make to our athletic program is your local support.  A loyal follower attends the games, and takes part in the cheers and in the singing of the Alma Mater.  He/she hopes for victory, but can still cheer and smile when the home team loses.  He/she does not make abusive remarks from the sidelines.  He/she accepts the decision of the officials without question.  He/she recognizes a good play by either team and applauds.  In short, sportsmanship on the part of the spectators is as important as sportsmanship on the part of the player.


    Boys Basketball

    Varsity Coach ... Barry Reddish ... breddish7@comcast.net

    Junior Varsity Coach ... Kermit Reese ... kreese@cdschools.org


    Girls Basketball

    Varsity Coach ... Mark Britcher ... mbritcher@cdschools.org

    Junior Varsity Coach ... Melanie Wells ... mwells@cdschools.org



    Head Coach ... Jason Woodall ... jwoodall@cdschools.org



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