National Junior Honor Society
    Miss Mary Grace Friedell
    Mrs. Anita Smith

    The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization that recognizes not only academic achievement but other characteristics essential to citizens in a democracy.  At Central Dauphin Middle School any incoming 8th grade student can become eligible for membership into the Honor Society.  Students are expected to complete community service hours and be active volunteers at Central Dauphin Middle School and in our community.  Invitations are sent to students after the 3rd marking period in 7th grade with an induction ceremony at the end of the 7th grade year. 


    NJHS Member Guidelines

    Selection of Members

    • Incoming eighth grade students must be in school at CDMS for one marking period prior to the 3rd marking period to be considered for membership.
    • All members must have a cumulative grade point average of 92% (unrounded) or more to be inducted into the society, and must maintain a grade point average of 92% (unrounded) or more to continue membership.
    • Discipline records will be reviewed by administrators of Central Dauphin Middle School and taken into consideration for selection into the NJHS.
    • An NJHS advisory council consisting of CDMS faculty will meet to make the final decision on the eligibility of the candidates based on the previous information mentioned and your application.
    • Students will be notified in writing of their selection for induction to the Central Dauphin Middle School National Junior Honor Society as soon as all applications have been screened.



    • Members are required to complete 20 service hours.
    • 8 of the required hours must be completed by the mid-year check-in.
    • Opportunities for some of these hours will be offered to the membership body throughout the school year. In order to meet the requirement, hours may also need to be completed independently. All service hours completed must be recorded on the Log Sheet and be signed off by a supervising adult who is not an immediate relative.



    • Members must maintain a cumulative 92% GPA during EACH individual marking period of their eighth grade school year.
    • Members must not be on the ineligible list for three consecutive weeks.
    • Academic Probation: If a member is on the ineligible list, they have two weeks to get off the list. If they earn an overall GPA lower than 92% at the end of the marking period, they must bring the grade up to the requirement by the end of the next marking period.
    • Failure to correct grades during academic probation will result in removal from the organization.This is non-negotiable. 



    • Members must commit to practicing positive character traits at all times.
    • NJHS members are positive role models in the student community - they should consistently exhibit RAMS Rules both in and out of the classroom.
    • A member identified by the CDMS faculty as failing to meet this core value may be required to meet with the co-advisors and office staff to discuss concerns. 
    • Failure to consistently exercise positive character could lead to probation and removal from the organization. 



    • Members are expected to demonstrate leadership during school and extracurricular activities through consistent day to day conduct.
    • Members are expected to participate on a variety of committees throughout the year. You may be entrusted to carry out your committee assignment without adult supervision. 



    • Members will be held to a high standard with regards to the CDMS Code of Conduct. The choices you make reflect the membership body as a whole both in school and in the community.
    • Members must not accumulate office assigned consequences (Detention, In School Suspension, Out of School Suspension, Bus Suspension) If a member receives an office consequence, they will be considered on probation. If a second consequence is received, they will be removed from the organization. This is non-negotiable. The severity and circumstances of a first offense may result in removal from the organization.
    • While serving at school and outside in the community, members are expected to exhibit professional behavior - actively engage in activities, treat all people with kindness and respect, and no cell phone use.


    Membership in National Junior Honor Society is not a guaranteed right—it is an honor. Therefore, throughout the year you may want to focus on the above requirements and work toward a goal which will ultimately lead to possible induction into the National Junior Honor Society.






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