spin notes A 'Note' from the Musical Staff  

    Dear Frozen Family, 
         The musical staff share in your disappointment ,concern and sadness over the recent events closing schools; preventing rehearsals, preview shows and performances.  With everything changing on a daily basis, we cannot say with any certainty what will happen with the musical. The situation is unfortunately out of our control right now. 
          Please be assured that the staff do not want to let all the months of hard work go to waste!   That being said , we will explore our options and keep you updated as decisions are made in the future.  In the meantime, please keep rehearsing so that you are prepared .  We wish you all the best and that you and yours stay healthy.     
    Director: JenCat1462@gmail.com  Mrs. Cather ♪
    Attendance/Choreographer/ Stage Director:  cdlmsmusical@gmail.com   Mrs. Pearson


Last Modified on March 30, 2020