pointy finger  CONTRACTS ARE DUE ON DEC. 11th SF

    twinkle star Skeleton Rehearsals = students that have a concert are excused if they don't attend 


    Mon                Dec 9         Rehearsal=  Leads & Support but LMS Sixth graders excused

    Tues               Dec 10       Skeleton Rehearsal (CDMS 7th8th grade concert) = ALL CAST 

    Wed               Dec 11        Rehearsal= ALL CAST & CONTRACTS DUE

    Thur               Dec 12        Skeleton Rehearsal (LMS 7th/8th grade concert) = ALL CAST

    Mon                Dec 16        Skeleton Rehearsal (CDMS 6th grade concert) = ALL CAST

    Tues               Dec 17         Skeleton Rehearsal (LMS 6th grade concert) = ALL CAST

    Wed               Dec 18         Choreography Rehearsal= TBA

    Thur               Dec 19          Rehearsal= ALL CAST 


    *December 23 through January 1 – Winter Break – no school


    Director: jcather@cdschools.org   


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