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    DCTS will be holding their 2024 Career Camp June 10th-12th. Career Camp is free to students entering 6th-8th grade for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year. Registration is required and must be received by May 10, 2024.


    Having Chromebook Issues??

    Any parents/ guardians who need to get their students' district issued Chromebooks repaired, please see the information below:

    Phone Number: (717)-346-9452
    Address: 600 Rutherford Rd, Harrisburg, PA 17109 (Door #5)
    Appoint Time: 10am-12pm (can usually work around these times)

    Submit a CDSD IT Service Desk Request here:  


    Chromebooks/chargers that are damaged, broken or lost will result in a charge to get them fixed or replaced. Payment must be either cash or check for the exact amount that is owed.


    Attention 6th grade parents- if you have not yet turned in your child’s 6th grade physical, please do so as soon as possible.

    Attention 7th grade parents- if you have not yet turned in your child’s 7th grade dental, please do so as soon as possible.

    All of our students have had their height, weight and vision checked. In addition, our 7th graders have had their hearing checked. Unless you have received a referral in the mail, your child passed these screening tests.

    Tis the season for germs- 

    Wash hands/use hand sanitizer frequently.

    Blow your nose and dispose of tissues properly.

    Stay hydrated-bring a water bottle to school.

    Give your child over the counter medicine before school to help control the symptoms.

    Cough drops can be brought to school.

    Keep your student home if they have a fever >100.0-they should be fever free for 24 hours before they return.

    Students with vomiting and/or diarrhea should be kept home for at least 24 hours after symptoms have stopped and they are able to tolerate liquids. 



    April 10 » Report Cards Available

    April 15 » Last Day of Creative Arts Cycle 4

    April 16 » First Day of Creative Arts Cycle 5

    April 19 » PSSA Pep Rally

    April 22, 24, 25 » ELA PSSA (all grades)

    April 23 » Teacher Inservice (no school for students)

    April 25 » CDMS/LMS Small Ensemble Concert @ LMS

    April 29, 30 » Math PSSA (all grades)

    April 30 » Harrisburg Senators Night https://fevo-enterprise.com/event/CentralDauphinMS30

    May 1, 2 » Science PSSA (8th Grade Only)

    May 3 » 7th/8th Gr. Band/Orchestra Adjudication Trip 

    May 10 » CDMS Field Day  

    May 14 » CDMS 7th/8th Grade Concert

    May 20 » CDMS 6th Grade ConcertMay 20/21 » Algebra Keystones

    May 21 »  6th Grade Field Trip

    May 29/30 » Incoming 5th Grade Tours

    May 31  » 8th Grade Party

    June 3  » CDHS Senior Walk Through

    June 4  » 8th Grade Tour @ CDHS

    June 5 CDMS Talent Show»

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