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    Are you in 4th or 5th grade and would like to play an instrument in the band? Then follow these steps:
    1. Get an instrumental music registration form from Mrs. Achey.
    2. Have parent completely fill out form.
    3. Return form to Mrs. Achey as soon as possible. Please note - if you need to borrow a school instrument and you wait to turn in your form, you may not get the instrument you want.
    4. Receive welcome letter with the next instructions. 
    5. Fill out and return Property Check Out form if you are borrowing a school instrument. 
    6. After all the paperwork is finished and schedules are finalized with teachers, you will receive a paper stating when your lessons will be. 
    Band instruments include:
    Alto Saxophone
    Percussion (drums) 
Last Modified on September 2, 2022