• Administration Directory
    600 Rutherford Road, Harrisburg, PA 17109
    Phone: 717-545-4703
    Dr. Norman Miller, Superintendent
    Email:  njmiller@cdschools.org  Ext: 70209
    Mr. Aaron McConnell, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Administrative Operations
    Email:  amcconnell@cdschools.org  Ext: 70206
    Dr. Erika Willis, Assistant to the Superintendent for Academic Operations
    Email: ewillis@cdschools.org    Ext. 215
    Ms. Sarah Box, Director of Pupil Services
    Email: sbox@cdschools.org    Ext: 70207
    Mrs. Shannon L. Leib, Director of Public & Community Relations
    Email: sleib@cdschools.org     Ext: 70217
    Ms. Christa Snyder, Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
    Email: csnyder@cdschools.org    Ext: 70204
    Mrs. Sherry Campbell, Director of Special Education
    Email: scampbell@cdschools.org    Ext: 70278
    Mr. Steven Epstein, Pims Administrator
    Email: sepstein@cdschools.org    Ext: 70224
    Mr. Matthew Sinopoli, Director of Information Technology
    Email: msinopoli@cdschools.org     Ext: 70285
    Ms. Carrie Deichman, Director of Human Resources
    Email: cdeichman@cdschools.org     Ext: 70234
    Mr. Scott Udit, Director of Buildings and Grounds
    Email: sudit@cdschools.org     Ext: 70225
    Mr. Gabriel Olivera, Director of Safety & Security
    Email: golivera@cdschools.org    Ext.70506
    Mr. Jay Omslaer, Director of Transportation
    Email: jomslaer@cdschools.org  (717) 541-0680   Ext. 70220
    Mr. Gregory Goldthorp, Director of Athletics (CDEHS, EMS, SMS & Landis Field)
    Email:  ggoldthorp@cdschools.org  (717) 541-1662    Ext. 71364
    Mr. Chris Hunter, Director of Athletics (CDHS, CDMS, LMS)
    Email:  chunter@cdschools.org  (717) 703-5360    Ext. 72306
    For a complete listing of all Administration Building staff, please click our Online Directory.
Last Modified on July 7, 2020