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  • Work Experience


    This program was developed for the student who has the potential of being a good employee and is recommended to complete a work-study program by a case managing teacher due to their excellent attendance and academics.  Students are identified through a team decision to participate in the work experience program.  These students will be given the privilege and responsibility of being excused from school to work at a part-time job.  This usually covers the time frame of 11A-2P during the school day.  The credits awarded relate to the number of periods taken and the overall learning experience that is employment. 


    With prior approval, this course may be taken at any time in the sequence of courses from 10th-12thgrade.  However, the upper grades (11thand 12th) are highly recommended.  Arrangements for participation will be completed through the casemanaging teacher & team, the Work Experience Facilitator, the student’s parents, and the employer.  It is understood that the student must be enrolled in and passing the appropriate classes necessary for their graduation.

Last Modified on September 13, 2017