Student Procedures

    The following rules and regulations are necessary and important to follow.
    1. Student are responsible for knowing and following all rules in the Student Code of Conduct.
    2. Students are permitted to enter the building at 7:20 AM.  You may go to the cafeteria for breakfast or to your locker.  You should be in homeroom by 7:40 AM, after 7:45 AM you are considered tardy.
    3. Any student who arrives at school after being absent the previous day will report directly to the office (7:20-7:40) with a written excuse from his or her parent or guardian.  REMEMBER....A NOTE MUST BE TURNED IN WITHIN 3 DAYS or ABSENCE BECOMES UNLAWFUL.
    4. Lockers (gym and homeroom) must be kept locked at all times.  The school will not be responsible for articles lost or stolen.  Only stick deodorants may be used in the gym locker room.
    5. Only bring bags that will fit in your locker and leave them there throughout the day.
    6. Every student must have a pass with them when they are in the halls during class time.  Students must walk on the right side of the hall and remain orderly.
    7. Books are provided for student use.  Students are responsible for them and must treat them with care.  Students will be charged to replace lost or damaged books.
    8. Students may not sell items on school property for personal gain.
    9. Electronic devices must used in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
    10. Misuse of or damage to school property will obligate the offender for payment of damage.
    11. Students must vacate the building by 2:40 PM unless they are participating in extra-curricular activities or detention.
    12. Students must take all personal items and books to their after school activities.
    13. The late activity bus is provided at 4:45 for students who participate in after school activities or in detention.
    14. Sneakers only on the gym floor.
    15. During emergency drills, stay with your class and remain silent.
    16. Students may only ride their assigned bus.
    17. Please be aware of the dress code.  IT WILL BE ENFORCED!