• Paxtonia Elementary Principal's Page

    Thank you for visiting the Principal’s Page! I am very excited to have the opportunity and honor to serve as your student’s principal. I have been an educator in the district for the past eleven years. I am always amazed each year at the creativity, intellect and dedication our students display both in and out of school. I firmly believe that every student has something special to offer, and by utilizing their unique talents they will help our school excel!

    As the principal of Paxtonia Elementary, I recognize the importance of safety, discipline and student engagement. The administration, teachers and staff at Paxtonia are committed to ensuring all students receive a safe and challenging education filled with multiple learning opportunities. To ensure our schools are a safe and positive learning environment, Paxtonia utilizes a school-wide effective behavior program (PBIS) as well as many classroom and school incentives to help foster student accountability and reward student effort.

    By working together, I am certain we can ensure this year is the best year yet! I am a firm believer that outstanding schools work as a team! Please contact the office if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s needs. Our goal is for each student to grow and learn in a positive, caring, fun and safe learning environment. For further information about our school’s procedures, academics and upcoming events please visit the additional resources and links on our school's website. Thank you again for your interest! I look forward to meeting and discussing your student’s goals with you in the future.


    Julia Batdorf

    Paxtonia Elementary Principal

    Paxtonia Elementary utilizes a school-wide effective behavior system to foster a safe, positive and engaging school environment for ALL staff and students. We are proud to work with many community businesses and families in our efforts to provide rewards and incentives to both our students and staff for their efforts in the pursuit of school-wide excellence!
Last Modified on October 4, 2022