Welcome to First Grade!

    Our classroom is a home away from home to your children.  They will form new friendships, learn new skills, and build responsibility.  Your child will grow so much this year.  Below are some areas of information that will help you and your child be prepared and give you a better understanding of what we do. 

    SUPPLIES:  Please provide a backpack for your child to bring to school each day.  No other school supplies are necessary from home.  Toys should NOT come to school in your child’s backpack.

    TAKE HOME FOLDER: Your child has been given a folder that is to be used to carry his/her papers back and forth daily.  Please make sure that you check this folder nightly and get it back to school  the next day.

    BIRTHDAYS:  Birthday treats are no longer allowed to be passed out for birthdays due to many allergies within the school. If you would like to create party bags or have your child pass out birthday treats that are non-food related that would be fine. Please do not send party invitations to school unless each child in the class is invited. 

    SICKNESS:  Please send a note with your child when they return to school after an illness.  For your convenience, the school has provided notepads for all excuses.  A doctor’s excuse is necessary if your child is not to have outdoor recess or gym class. Absent notes must be returned within THREE school days or the day will count as unlawful.

    SCHEDULE:  We will follow a five day cycle rotation for our special classes.  

                                 Day 1: Library

                                 Day 2: Music

                                 Day 3: IPads (School Store Day)

                                 Day 4: Art

                                 Day 5: Gym  * Please have your child wear sneakers on this day.


    Specials: 12:00-12:40

    Lunch: 10:50-11:20 

    Recess: 2:30-3:00

    HOME PRACTICE:  Please set aside 15 minutes with your child each evening for a review of their daily work being brought home in their take home folder. Students may not have a physical homework sheet to complete every night. Some nights they will be practicing their sight words or phonics skills through reading. Any piece of homework that they do bring home is practice related to something we are currently learning in class. In addition to that, students will have a monthly reading calendar you are responsible for signing and sending back in for accountability. Any student that hands in their completed reading log at the end of every month will earn a Golden Patriot Act to use in our school store. As per district guides first grade students are expected to read at least 50 minutes per week at home. This includes them reading to you OR you reading to them. If you have them read 10-15 minutes each week night they can easily reach this goal. I cannot stress how important daily practice is to their independent reading abilities. 

    REPORT CARDS: First graders do not receive a report card until the 2nd trimester. You will receive a report on your child’s progress during parent/teacher conferences in the fall.

    BEHAVIOR/DISCIPLINE POLICY: Our class will be using Class Dojo to earn points based on the behaviors in the classroom. Points will be awarded if a student is following one of the four overall school rules; always respectful, come prepared, take responsibility, show safe behavior. These four school rules are what students are also able to earn Patriot Acts for to use in our School Store. You, as the parents, will have the option of providing me with your phone number or email address so I can add you to your child’s Class Dojo account. This program is effective because I can reward and take away points for behaviors that are desirable and undesirable. If you choose to opt in and be connected to your child’s account you will have access to their behavior on a daily basis! I am also able to communicate with you through this program and you with me. It is truly amazing what technology can do! If you do not wish to be connected to your child’s account that is perfectly acceptable. Class Dojo has a free app that is available to download on any smartphone or tablet. You can also connect through the internet on their website. Class Dojo has many different language translations so you are able to follow along based on your primary spoken language.

    Students may also come home with Think Sheets. These are given if a student struggles with following a school rule multiple times. It is given during recess as a time to reflect on unwanted behavior. These think sheets will be sent home, signed by you and returned the next day so the students can earn a point for taking responsibility.

    ATTENDANCE: Our curriculum is geared to lots of hands on, use of manipulative, and teacher led activities, to develop and practice the skills they need.   When your child is absent, he/she misses quite a lot and it is not always possible to send home papers to make up the work.  They really do learn so much by watching and doing.  Please make every effort to have them here each day and ready to learn. It will make a difference! The value that you place on education has a great impact on their attitudes.  Check their book bag nightly and go over their work with them. Children are eager to learn and are so thrilled when they have accomplished something new.  It is exciting to watch all of the changes that occur in first grade!  Help them remember that it is important to try and ask for help when they need it. I encourage you to continue to read to them nightly and have them practice reading to you. 

    BOOK ORDERS: These are usually sent out monthly. I also have a website set up with scholastic to make it easy to order from the convenience of your computer (you can log on and order books at any time throughout the school year using this method). If you order books from the website you also have the option of using credit/debit cards to pay for the items. If you choose to send in your book order please write a check to Scholastic Reading Club and return the check and the order form to me when due. Each time you place an order online our class receives points toward free books!! This information will be sent with the first book order. I typically have a "Wish List" on the Scholastic website if you wish to purchase books that will be utilized in our classroom library! I love adding new books that excite the students and help them to cultivate a love of reading! 

    Scholastic Classroom Website: https://orders.scholastic.com/MDQRZ

    CURRICULUM: Information regarding our district curriculum can be located on the Central Dauphin School District website www.cdschools.org , along with grade level specifics on my classroom website at https://www.cdschools.org/Page/12579.

    DISMISSAL: Your child has been assigned a mode of transportation to and from school based on your wishes. If a student is assigned a bus number they will be riding that bus home unless I have a written note from you stating a change. Due to safety concerns, we cannot allow a child to be dismissed differently from what their normal method is unless we know that it is what you want.

    I look forward to working with you and your child during this exciting new school year!   Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns during the school year. Throughout the year I try to keep my website up-to-date and I also post about things we do in the classroom on Class Dojo. If you misplace your child’s homework letter/newsletter/scholastic book information all of that can be found on my school website. And again, do not hesitate to contact me if you need me!

          Phone number:  657-3204   x121                  Email:  ksagnor@cdschools.org     

                         Classroom Website: https://www.cdschools.org/Page/12579



                                                                                                                                           Ms. Sagnor


Last Modified on August 11, 2019