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    The Central Dauphin High School Gifted Support Program is designed to provide meaningful and effective services to meet the needs of students that have been identified with cognitive abilities in the gifted range. The high school gifted program differs from those in elementary and middle schools in that there is no longer a defined “gifted class” and actual requirements within the program are minimal. Rather than the structure of the early years, the high school gifted program is in place to provide students with given services on an as needed basis, with the students/parents directing which/when services will be utilized in order to help meet their goals and needs on an individual basis.

    Students within the gifted program will have opportunities to participate in differentiated projects and assignments. The goal of these projects and assignments is not meant to be extra work, but rather to enrich and extend existing knowledge and skills.  Differentiated projects should be aimed at enhancing student strengths should be aligned with existing curriculum. Students will need to be self-advocates and able to assess their own needs in developing these assignments and they will need to work closely with their gifted support teacher in order to complete work that is relevant and has high learning value.


    Over the course of the four years at CDHS, students will receive advisement College & Career Planning, will have the opportunity to participate in Academic Competitions, will be given information about Mentorships and Apprenticeships, and will have access to resources that will aid in their academic pursuits. 

    The interface below contains links to a number of websites and resources that are commonly beneficial to high achieving students. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at bkerchner@cdschools.org or contact me by phone at 717-703-5360 ext. 238

Last Modified on September 20, 2017