• Frau Katie Weisser
    German I, II, III, CHS
    phone:  717-541-1662     x404
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PSMLA Award 2022
  • Why should you learn German?  

    • The most frequently spoken language in Europe
    • The 5th most frequently used language on the internet 
    • German companies account for over 800,000 jobs in the US
    • US companies have almost the same number of jobs in Germany
    •  Germans have more than 80 Nobel prizes in science
    •  Cutting edge fashion, design and architecture in Germany (i.e, K. Lagerfeld)
    •  18% of the world’s books are published in German
    • With sufficient fluency in German, Americans can study free at German Universities
    • English is a Germanic language – English speakers can achieve fluency faster in German than other languages


Last Modified on November 6, 2022