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     Rutherford Raves...

    Rutherford Elementary School has implemented a school-wide discipline system, known as Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)!
    PBIS encourages strategies meant to change the focus of our school’s disciplinary efforts toward positive reinforcement of desired student behaviors.  Along with our traditional consequences for inappropriate behavior, our staff believes that positive behavior should be rewarded as a way to help foster the independence students need to make positive choices.
    At the beginning of the year, students are taught our school rules. These rules are Rutherford's expectations and are consistent throughout the building, such as in the cafeteria, hallway, playground, classrooms, bathrooms, and busses. When 'caught', students receive Raves to remind them of the positive behavior they have displayed, which can then be spent at our Rutherford School Store!

    These expectations are reviewed throughout the year to remind students of expected behavior. Our school rules are as follows:
    1. Be Respectful
    2. Be Responsible
    3. Be Prepared
    4. Be Safe

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