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    Physical Education
    Welcome! Below are two attachments which discuss our grading policy and rubric which will be utilized each class to determine a grade for that day.
    If you ever have questions regarding a grade or assignment, do not hesitate to email me at kreese@cdschools.org
    Also, Here are are the units we will be covering the first marking period. 
    Field Hockey
    Flag Football
    Finally, below is the powerpoint shown to all students the first day of school. This will give you a significant amount of information.  
    We will be discussing four major topics throughout this school year:
    The dangers of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol
    Human Sexuality
    Fitness and Nutrition
    Mental Health
    *A note for parents, I will very rarely, if ever, give homework. So, please do not be alarmed if your child does not bring home Health homework. I like to give time during class to complete any work so that I am available to help the students with any problems.*
    Again, please feel free to contact me at kreese@cdschools.org if you have any questions or concerns regarding grades or assignments. 
    Thank you for visiting.
    Mr. Kermit Reese
Last Modified on September 20, 2017