•  sports PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Each child in 1st - 5th grade at Lawnton Elementary School participate in 40 minutes of Physical Education every 5 cycle days.  P.E. Class provides the students with many opportunities to grow in psychomotor, cognitive and affective domains.  Every class the students work on improving most if not all of the areas of fitness (flexibility, upper body strength, abdominal strength, cardiovascular endurance).  In addition to skill development, participation in sports and other activities, PE provides opportunities to make decisions, analyze, prioritize and communicate.

    Goal this year is to find an activity or activities you enjoy and show KINDNESS!

     soccer GYM RULES include:
         Be Safe/ Be Respectful/ Be Prepared/ Be Responsible and Have Fun! 
    Please remember sneakers on your PE Day! 
     Mrs. Nichter 


Last Modified on August 26, 2019