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    Counselor's Corner                





     Elementary Counselor's Mission Statement:


    "In cooperation with parents, staff and community, the counselor will provide developmental, educational, preventative and responsive services with the intent of encouraging and supporting the lifelong development of the personal/social, academic, and career growth of each student.”

    Mrs. Simcox                                         

    Hello! I am your school counselor, Mrs. Simcox! 

    I can be reached by e-mail at lsimcox@cdschools.org 

    Throughout the school year, your child will receive support through school counselor classroom lessons. If a student needs to check in with me individually at any point during the year, they can be referred to me by talking to their teacher, asking me in the hallway, or having a parent call or email in. 







    The last two school years have certainly been like no other. While most of us start this school year with some stress, anxiety, and many questions, please join me in committing to making this the best possible year for our students despite all the fears and unknowns! Let's work together to remain positive, flexible, and believe the best! Our kids are worth it!








Last Modified on February 28, 2022