• Miss Sterner 
    4th Grade
    North Side Elementary
    Room 21 
    During the 10 days that school is closed,
    I am providing activities for you to work on while we are apart. 
    These activities are designed to help you continue to grow your brain!
    I will not be taking grades, however I do hope you participate.
    I will have rewards and prizes when we get back to school
     for those of you that complete the activities.
    All activities and assignments will be on our Google Classroom. Google Classroom Logo
    To get there: go onto our district website:  www.cdschools.org . 
    Under the student dropdown menu, find Google. 
    Login with your usual student login. 
     Once in Google, click on the "waffle" icon in the top right hand corner. Google Waffle Icon
    Next, click on the Google Classroom button.   Google Classroom Logo
     Then, click on Room 21 2019-2020.
    All assignments and activities will be listed each day.

    Don't forget these great resources, too:  

    Rocket Math: http://play.rocketmath.com/

    Epic!: www.getepic.com/students 

    Edmentum: (access through the district website)

    Prodigy: https://play.prodigygame.com/


    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

    The best way to reach me is by email: ksterner@cdschools.org
Last Modified on March 18, 2020